Dental health is one of the health issues commonly ignored by our people, both educated and uneducated, poor and rich, children and adult, men and women. This ignorance leads to various dental problems. Bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, tooth pain are few of them. Even after having dental problems most people don’t visit their dentist. Possible reasons for this are lack of knowledge, fear, money, lack of time. Combination of these factors can paralyze an individual, which can prevent him or her from inquiring about needed services or listening to factual responses.

We at Dr. Shabaz dental clinic address these issues of patients by providing relevant knowledge about different treatment options available,by considering the cost factor, by removing the fear of patient by friendly consultation and  by treating the patient as fast as possible.

Our Team
Dr. Shabaz Ahmed Khan
(Dental surgeon, Cert. Endo & Prostho)
Dr. Amit Gilani

(Dental surgeon & Implantologist)

Dr. Ashwin Rao
(Oral and maxillofacial surgeon & Implantologist)
Dr. Ashank Mishra
(Periodontist & laser specialist)

Dr. Abrar Ahmed


Why choose us
  • Our goal is to provide patient with highest quality dental care in a hygienic, comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. Our goal is to provide “Ethics based advanced dentistry”.
  • We are a team of professionals who are skilled, experienced, honest, compassionate and committed.
  • We aim to improve patients health, appearance, self confidence and overall quality of life.
  • We help our patient’s to realise how good oral health can improve their quality of life.
  • We not only treat our patient’s but also educate them.
  • We maintain proper sterilization of instruments.
  • Patient’s confidentiality is very important to us. We protect patient’s data.

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